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“BirRiB” networking meetings arrive at CITTLAN
31 October, 2019

Last Tuesday, October 29 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. we had the opportunity to hold our first “BiRrib” networking meeting at the facilities of [space48]. An event included in the dynamization plan of the Center for Technological and Tourist Innovation of Lanzarote as part of the Lanzarote Smart Island initiative. This is a totally free event and that has the collaboration of Dorada Especial.

The BirRib meetings are intended to be a meeting point for public administrations, companies and talent, with the aim of starting to develop the Lanzarote Smart Island ecosystem among all, as well as creating synergies and business opportunities among attendees. All this carried out in a totally informal way, in a relaxed atmosphere and accompanied by the best beer.



In this first meeting and as will be the custom in each of them, we took the opportunity to review and analyze the main advances and results carried out within the Lanzarote Smart Island initiative.


From CACT Cognitive Challenges to 42Madrid

BirRiB meetings are also a good opportunity to meet and tell us your experiences. In each session we will have a space to give you the opportunity to tell attendees about your projects, businesses, ideas and everything that can contribute and help the growth of the #EcosystemCITTLAN.

In our first meeting we had in [space48] the presence of Fran Castro, a lover of the island of Lanzarote and the technology that told us a very special story. Do you want to know how your experience has been since it was presented and won the CACT Cognitive Challenges until today in which it has been selected to enter the Fundación Telefónica school: 42madrid? Make yourself comfortable that we started …



In 2016, the Centers for Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote launched a pioneering challenge in Cognitive Tourism within the framework of open innovation in a format called Hackaton: Lanzarote Cognitive App Challenge. A technological project consisting of digitizing the visitor’s experience to any of the centers during their visit to the island of Lanzarote that would result in the birth of a mobile app based on IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology. Already in 2017 and as a need to enrich the knowledge base of the existing virtual assistant in the mobile application, the Tourist Centers launched the CACT Cognitive Challenges challenges. Train and expand their knowledge, thus improving the visitor’s experience, giving the user the possibility of knowing better a large part of the places of interest offered by the island. The proposed training themes were: Gastronomy, Geology and Trip Planner.

When we talk about training, we refer in any case to introduce questions and answers that allow us to expand the knowledge of the virtual assistant, only in this way would it be possible to transmit completely and concisely all the information requested by the user, thus improving the visitor experience around the network of centers and the island in general.

This is where Fran Castro, a self-taught, perfectionist, retailer, passionate about new technologies and always in constant training, comes into action. His restless nature led him to appear at the CACT Cognitive Challenges. It should be noted that Fran Castro at that time had already begun his self-taught career with the creation and management of the Leisure website in Lanzarote ( a web portal that collects the entire leisure offer of the island and that with the passage of Time and many hours of work invested has become a benchmark on the island of Lanzarote.



His participation in the CACT Cognitive Challenges in the Travel Planner category was a success, achieving the final victory after contributing a very interesting vision and training project to Watson. Since then, Fran Castro has had the opportunity to continue growing professionally, adding to the new challenges they were approaching, until achieving today and without any doubt one of his most important feats: Access to the 42Madrid school of the Fundación Telefónica .



42 Madrid is a very innovative and disruptive school concept that has its headquarters for the first time in Spain thanks to the Telefónica Foundation. It is a free, face-to-face academy that is open to its users 24 hours a day for 365 days a year and in which the only requirement is perseverance and having a crazy desire to learn.

The process of accessing the school is quite complex, mainly due to the large number of entry requests, so only the most prepared and chosen have the opportunity to develop in an enviable environment. After several and complex entrance tests, Fran Castro managed to break each and every one of the barriers that were getting in his way, being finally one of those selected to carry out his preparation in Madrid. Congratulations crack! We are convinced that this is only the beginning of a long and deserved adventure and without a doubt all the feat and opportunity for island talent.

That the future of Fran Castro holds for us is difficult to predict, but we are sure that, if you continue to enjoy and live it all with such desire and enthusiasm, you still have endless adventures ahead and above all an enviable future. We live on a small island, sometimes with some limitations, but if these guys show us something every day, we should not let this stop us, because the island’s talent exists and they only need opportunities to bring it to light and demonstrate capacities You have already got yours! Enjoy it! #Thanks42Madrid



Next BirRiB meeting

It should be remembered that the BirRib meetings have a monthly schedule and we want to take the opportunity to invite you to our second session that will take place next Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in the same place and at the same time. Do you have any experience or something you want to tell us? ENCOURAGE! WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU! For more information, you can check our news section of the website.