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The City Council of Tías brings «Lanzarote Smart Island» to citizens through the new restructuring of its APP.
13 January, 2020

José Juan Cruz, and the Councilor for New Technologies, Kalinda Pérez, today presented the new telephone application, which offers links to Turismo Puerto del Carmen, Incidents, Participatory Budget or Lanzarote Smart Island


The City Council of Tías is progressing towards greater contact with citizens through the restructuring of its application for mobile phones. The mayor, José Juan Cruz, and the Councilor for New Technologies, Kalinda Pérez, presented today the new application, which already has 200 new downloads and makes communication between neighbors and the administration more accessible.

José Juan Cruz explained that “the contact with the administration is now more direct and effective,” while encouraging the population to “download this application on their mobile phones and use it with responsibility and criteria to improve, among all, the municipality”.

Kalinda Pérez said that although the application already existed, “in reality it was not accessible to the population and, in fact, since 2015 it only registered 300 downloads while this new proposal has registered about 200 downloads in just a month and a half of operation.” In addition, the possibility of being used by all mobile devices has been added, that is, both by the Android system and by the IOS system (Iphone operating system), which was previously not active.



The new application of the City Council of Tías presents a more modern and visual design, with a predominance of color and innovative services. Among the added options is the connection to the Puerto del Carmen Tourism website, “link that did not exist before”. “Tías is a pioneer tourist municipality and we have to advertise Puerto del Carmen as an intelligent destination that, in addition, will actively participate in Lanzarote Smart Island.”

Another innovation presented in the City Council application is the inclusion of the Lanzarote Smart Island island project link. “Aunts openly bets on this project. We also want to be an intelligent municipality, participate in the strategies and projects that are implemented and benefit the population, and disseminate them among our neighbors through this application, ”said Pérez.

Kalinda Pérez thanked for attending the presentation of the institutional app of the persons in charge of Digital Transformation of the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism (CACT) of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, José Juan Molina and Ossian Buitrago, as well as Gonzalo Matallana, representative of the consultant Deloitte



Incidents.- With the renewed application, in Spanish and English, citizens and visitors can report incidents without filling in forms with personal data. “It is a simple and fast procedure. Anyone can, for example, take a picture of a broken lamppost, upload it, geolocate it and send it to the corresponding department. All this without having to provide your personal data. ”

“This group of government is on the street and in constant contact with the people, but we want to go further and open doors to increase citizen participation,” said the Councilor for New Technologies. Pérez clarified that the application also includes the Participatory Budgeting link, “which is obviously pending because the budgets of this year 2020 have been recently approved and final approval is expected for January 23”.