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CACTs’ Taro a finalist at the 1st ChatbotsTourism Awards
9 October, 2019
The CACTs’ virtual guide faces off against the Málaga and Murcia entries to be declared the best tourist destination guide at the awards ceremony organised by SEGITTUR and Planeta Chatbot

Taro, the virtual guide of the Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism (CACTs) is one of the three finalists in the “Best Tourist Destination Guide” category of the 1st ChatbotsTourism Awards, a contest organised by SEGITTUR, an agency of Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and Planeta Chatbot, the leading Spanish-language site for information on chatbots and artificial intelligence. The aim of the awards is to identify the chatbots that most effectively improve the tourist experience before, during and after a trip.

Taro makes use of AI to provide the best travel assistance before and during trips to Lanzarote. Taro, which is available through the CACT Lanzarote app for iOS and Android and via Facebook Messenger through the official CACT Lanzarote profile,, interacts with visitors before their trip in order to understand their profile, tastes, habits and concerns, providing them with up-to-date information and the best options available to create the most personalised and rewarding experience possible in Lanzarote.

Taro is the result of a project run and developed by the CACTs’ Digital Transformation department and is fed and enriched by data gathered from the Customer Experience team, the users themselves and through open innovation initiatives like the CACT Cognitive Challenges, all of which trains the virtual guide on matters such as geology, gastronomy and travel planning.

SEGITTUR and Planeta Chatbot organised the awards to address the rising importance of conversational technology to tourists at each stage of their trips. This first year of the awards saw 22 chatbots presented, from which the finalists for best tourist service chatbot are Nixi1; Scoot’s M.A.R.V.I.E., developed by Caravelo; and RIU Hotels’ chatbot, developed by Stay. The finalists for best tourist destination chatbot are Victoria la Malagueña (Málaga), the Murcia tourist board’s bot and Taro. The awards ceremony will take place at 1.30 p.m. on Friday 25 January, in the Know-How & Export space at the FITUR convention.

Echedey Eugenio, director of the CACTs, stated: “Even besides the chance for Taro to win the award, this is unmistakeable public acknowledgement of the digital transformation process that we are undertaking to make the CACTs more efficient and better equipped to tackle the challenges that the future will bring”.