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CACT and CITTLAN promote future island programmers in “The Hour of Code 2019”
18 December, 2019
The initiative has allowed to encourage, encourage and enhance the creativity of the youngest through games such as Star Wars, Frozen or Flappy Bird


The Centers for Art, Culture and Tourism, the Center for Technological and Tourist Innovation of Lanzarote and the Center for Teachers of Lanzarote, in collaboration with Deloitte and Telefónica, have put an end to the “ The Hour of the Code ”, a global movement promoted by the non-profit association CODE.ORG that promotes the introduction of knowledge in computer programming among the youngest, something that brings numerous educational benefits and facilitates the increase of capacities to the time to develop skills such as problem solving, creativity and thinking with logic.

About thirty students from 4th, 5th and 6th grade of different educational centers of the island faced the initiative in three preparatory sessions around games such as Star Wars, Frozen and Flappy Birds, and the final challenge Ecoheroes, “Heroes of sustainability ”, which consisted of dividing them into five mixed teams with the aim of creating their own game, putting into practice the knowledge acquired. It was the team “Polar Patrol”, formed by Leo Wegner, Hugo Acuña, Marcos Miranda, Aimar Santana, Aimar Callero and Paola Blanco, which won the prize with “Ice Age”, a sensitive proposal with the thaw of the polar ice boxes.



It should be noted that this is the second time that the CACTs support an initiative that has become a global movement in more than 180 countries and that this year has managed to become one of the events highlighted by the organization worldwide among the most of 145,000 sessions organized worldwide in 2019.



NOTE1: In the following link you can try the winning game as well as the other games created in the “EcoHéroes” challenge


La Hora del Código 2019